Peace of mind that your drains are clear and unblocked

Blocked drains can cause your home damage and can be very costly to repair.

By regularly checking them and ensuring you have reliable drainlaying installations, you get the peace of mind that your home is hygenic and functional.

Blocked sewer drains? Repairs & maintenance

Don't put up with living in a home with blocked sewer drains that will cause damage to your home and property and cost you huge amounts of money to repair. With regular sewer drain inspections and maintenance you can save money and keep your home in good shape.

New drainage installations and drain replacement

Building a new home? Repairing your current home or completing large renovations? You can get all the drainlaying installations and replacements needed to have top quality, PVC drains in your home.

I also provide professional plumbing installations and gasfitting services for all home renovations and constructions.

Sumps, storm water drains and down pipes

I work on all pipes and drains throughout your home so you can be sure you get the service needed to have a comfortable and working home. Please talk to me about the drainlaying, drain pipe repairs or drain cleaning services you need.