Have hot water when you want it!

No more cold showers in the morning! With gasfitting you not only get a continuous hot water supply but a range of easy and quick cooking solutions and appliances.

Continuous gas hot water units

With Infinity and Integrity hot water units, you can get constant hot water and hot water heating in your home.

These units are reliable and sturdy machines that are sure to last. Make an enquiry for your Infinity or Integrity hot water installation today!

Natural gas or LPG installations - find a solution that works for you!

With a choice of natural gas or LPG, you can find a gasfitting and hot water solution that works for you. As Master Plumbers certified, I will provide you with top quality installations for your gasfitting.

Natural gas provides a relaible and continuous supply of gas for a whole house where as LPG provides you with a bottle that is great for rural areas or just for a single appliance.

Gas hobs for fast and efficient cooking appliances

With gas cooking you never have to wait in the kitchen. You never have to wait for gas hobs to heat up as they are instantly hot. Talk to me about the benefits of gasfitting your kitchen today.